Es werden Posts vom November, 2010 angezeigt.

Cold Snap

Ireland experiences it's coldest November since 1947 with temperatures as low as -10 degrees overnight and heavy snowfall. Driving conditions are terrible as winter tires are fully unknown here.     Irland erfährt den kältesten November seit 1947 mit Temperaturen von bis zu -10 Grad und Schneefall in der Nacht. Die Strassenkonditionen machen das Autofahren besonders schwer, da Winterreifen völlig unbekannt hier sind. 

Ireland - Receives Rescue Package

The current situation in Ireland reached its climax - the green island (also formerly known as 'Celtic Tiger') receives an international rescue package with a value up to 90 billion Euro. Ireland is now the second country after Greece that requested such a package. The bankruptcy is the main topic in the media globally as you can see in the video below which was posted by German online newspaper .  Die aktuelle Situation in Irland hat nun ihren Höhepunkt erreicht. Die grüne Insel (früher auch unter dem Namen  'Celtic Tiger' bekannt) erhält ein internationales Rettungspaket in Höhe von bis zu 90 Mrd. Euro. Irland ist nun das zweite Land nach Griechenland, welches ein solches Rettungspaket in Anspruch nimmt. Die Pleite Irlands ist auch die Hauptnachricht in den globalen Medien wie man in dem Video sehen kann, welches das deutsche Online Nachrichtenmagazin heute veröffentlicht hat. 

Final Tour Stop 2010

A last tour stop has been added to a very busy year of travelling - a spontaneous trip to Cologne on December 12, 2010.    Ein allerletzter Tourstop für dieses Jahr ist gerade dazugekommen - ein spontaner Trip führt uns am 12. Dezember nach Köln.

North America Trip Recap

It's been only a week since we arrived back in Dublin after 2.5 weeks on the American interstates on a journey that began and ended in Chicago with it's stunning  architectural skyline. On our way to Caroline's brother's (John) family in Columbus Ohio, our first stop was Indianapolis. From then on, we always returned to John's family in between our city tours to spend time with John's kids, who were just so adorable. We also visited a friend of Caroline's in Toronto, Canada, which allowed us to stop by the extremely interesting Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland as well the gigantic Niagara Falls. On our way to Washington DC, we managed to spend a few nights in Pittsburgh (where we enjoyed dinner at the local Hofbräuhaus!), Baltimore as well as Columbia in Maryland. We had planned a trip to Cincinnati but had to turn back half-way due to a Tornado (we were literally locked up in one of the shopping outlets for an hour, which wasn't good for our cr

2,930 Miles (or 4,715 Kilometers) On The Road

2,930 miles (or 4,715 kilometers) is the total distance we traveled in North America within the last two and a half weeks. After completing our trip with visits in Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC we're now back in Dublin since this morning. As usual, a short report, photos and videos follow soon.     2.930 Meilen (oder 4.715 Kilometer) ist das Ergebnis unserer Reise durch Nordamerika in den letzten zwei einhalb Wochen. Nachdem wir unseren Trip mit Besuchen in Pittsburgh, PA und Washington, DC abgeschlossen haben sind wir nun seit heute morgen wieder in Dublin. Wie immer gibt es einen kleinen Bericht, Fotos und Videos bald.

Cleveland, Niagara Falls, Toronto

Just another update on our vacation in North America. As you might know (when you follow us on Twitter ) that we were forced to cancel our trip to Cincinnati due to extreme weather conditions on Tuesday and we wanted to re-schedule it to last Sunday. However, by the end we decided not to go at all. On Wednesday we traveled up to Cleveland to visit the famous "Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame" (really worth a visit). Following that we continued our journey towards northeast to the spectacular Niagara Falls on the border between the State Of New York and Ontario in Canada. We finished up this roundtrip with a visit in Toronto. Next up, we will head off to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before we will reach the last station of our 'North America Tour 2010': Washington, DC. Ein kleines Update von unserer Nordamerika Reise. Wir Ihr vielleicht wisst (wenn Ihr uns bei Twitter folgt), mussten wir unseren Trip nach Cincinnati am Dienstag aufgrund schwieriger Wetterbedingungen abbrechen