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Fiddler's Green live in Dublin

FIDDLER'S GREEN live at Whelans, Dublin, Thursday, November 1, 2007 Germany's top representatives of Irish Independent Speedfolk FIDDLER'S GREEN arrive with a new line-up and a brand new album, "Drive Me Mad!" in Dublin. For 16 years they have have performed over 1200 live shows all over the world, recorded two live DVDs and 10 full-length albums. Sebastian is waiting over four years for their arrival in Ireland. Website Location FIDDLER'S GREEN live im Whelans, Dublin, Donnerstag, 1. November 2007 Deutschlands Top Aushängeschilder in Sachen Irish Independent Speedfolk FIDDLER'S GREEN kommen in neuer Besetzung und einem brandneuen Album "Drive Me Mad!" nach Dublin. Innerhalb von 16 Jahren haben sie über 1200 Konzerte auf der ganzen Welt gespielt, sowie 2 Live DVDs und 10 Studioalben eingespielt. Sebastian wartet seit über vier Jahren das sie nach Irland kommen. Website Location

Visiting Hyderabad city center

My update actually covers a few of the past days: Last thursday, I finally made it the the gym with a few colleagues. They have a personal trainer, who was not particularly merciful to me, he made sure that I actually used some of the equipment!! In the end, I was glad that I had been there, cos I felt so much fitter and motivated, the only problem is that the muscle pain isn't going away yet, which makes me walk like an old woman around the office;-) After the gym, we headed to a fun-fair pretty much close to the office. I could hardly resist all the the cute Indian stuff being sold in the stalls. So in the end, I ended up buying myself a pair of sandals for 100R. While my colleagues got obsessed with the roller coasters, I treated myself to a henna-tattoo instead. With the weekend around the corner, friday started off pretty much peaceful. At around 5pm, I was invited to watch an Indian band called "Bassless", which really turned out to be true about their singing, no

Almost made it through the first week...

I think I've now recovered from the jet lag as I was able to get some hours of sound sleep for the first time since I arrived on Saturday. Its good to wake up to a bright, sunny morning each day, so I don't mind the honking of the tuk-tuks of the morning traffic (or perhaps I'm getting used to them). I'm also surprised at how much curry my stomach can handle (which is like 3x a day!!). All in all, I'm starting to relax after meeting all these nice and polite people, who are spoiling me heavily (today I came back to my room to find my dirty clothes had been washed, ironed and placed neatly on my bed, something that was last done by my mom ages ago when I was a kid-:). With a dedicated cook, house-keeper and driver at my disposal for 6 weeks, I'm worried that when I get back to Dublin, I won't be able to do anything for myself anymore, lol!! I'm told that this is actually the best time to visit India, cos the temperatures are moderate, which is absolutely

1st Day in Hyderabad

As Sebastian already mentioned, I arrived in Hyderabad last night (23.30 local time) via LH. Having left Dublin at 6am, I was more than tired by the time I got to the hotel. Despite the tiredness, I had a short night cos I'm the kind of person who takes time to get used to a new bed;-) But otherwise I like my room, it's spacious, clean and most importantly en-suite. I've already met my neighbor who is a lady from the US. She invited me out for brunch in some nice hotel. I got the chance to meet her colleagues, who are all here since June, which was quite encouraging to me cos at first I thought my 7 weeks are gonna be damn long. Our taxi driver informed us that today is a festival, I didn't quite understand it when he explained that it's a day of honoring your weapons??? Anyway, for this reason, there were lots of people out in the streets, and of course a lot of hooting;-). In a way, this reminded so much of our Kenyan vacation last year... After brunching with a f

New section

You will notice a new section appearing in the side bar. This section will provide you with links to our photo albums. Enjoy! Ihr werdet an der Seite einen neuen Bereich entdecken. Dieser Bereich beinhaltet Links zu unseren Fotoalben. Viel Spass!

Arrival in India

Carol arrived safe in Hyderabad. Carol ist soeben sicher in Hyderabad angekommen.

On the way

Carol just left Dublin Airport with Lufthansa in direction Hyderabad, India. The expected travel duration will be approximately 12 hours. Arrival is estimated for 23.25 Indian Time (18.55 GMT/19.55 CET) Carol hat gerade den Flughafen Dublin mit Lufthansa in Richtung Hyderabad, Indien verlassen. Die erwartete Reisezeit wird ca. 12 Stunden sein. Ankunft ist für 23.25 Uhr indische Zeit (18.55 GMT, 19.55 MEZ) erwartet.

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Dublin Event Tips

Thursday, 01.11.'07, Fiddler's Green / Whelan's - Folkrock Friday, 07.12.'07, VNV Nation / Village - Electro Friday, 14.12.'07, Händel's Messiah / NCH - Classical Friday, 14.12.'07, Laurant Garnier / Tripod - Trance Saturday, 15.12.'07, Apocalyptica / Ambassador - Cello Rock Friday, 28.12.'07, Mauro Picotto / Tripod - Dance Thursday, 03.04.'08, Nightwish / Vicar Street - Metal Monday, 19.05.'08, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) / RDS - Rock

Metal Blog from Sebastian

Sebastian has just created a new blog. He'd like to take this opportunity to provide the world with his personal interest - Hard n' Heavy music. If you are interested to get informed about "the heavy side of the green island" then check out this link . Only in English and only for fans. :-) Sebastian hat gerade einen neuen Blog kreiert. Er möchte die Möglichkeit nutzen um die Welt mit Informationen zu versorgen, die ihn persönlich interessieren - Heavy Metal Musik. Falls Ihr interessiert seid und informiert werden wollt über die "schwermetallische Seite der grünen Insel" dann schaut doch mal hier vorbei. Allerdings nur in Englisch und nur für Fans. :-)

India: 6 days remaining!

Carol is currently preparing her long trip to India. This experience will start next Saturday and will run over 6 weeks finishing up in an extra week with a beach holiday in Goa. Sebastian will join her in Hyderabad in a couple of weeks time. Carol bereitet sich im Augenblick für ihre grosse Reise nach Indien vor. Diese Erfahrung startet nächsten Samstag, geht über 6 Wochen und endet in einer zusätzlichen Woche mit einem Strandurlaub in Goa. Sebastian wird in ein paar Wochen hinterher fliegen und sie in Hyderabad treffen.

EURO 2008 Qualifier Result

After a poor match Ireland and Germany have seperated with a 0-0 draw. The German team is now already qualified for the EURO 2008. Nach einem ereignislosen Spiel trennen sich Irland und Deutschland unentschieden mit 0-0. Das deutsche Team ist nun vorzeitig für die EM qualifiziert.

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UEFA EURO 2008 Qualification Group D: Ireland vs Germany

UEFA EURO 2008 Qualification Group D: Germany vs. Ireland When they met in the first round of the qualification, Germany beat Ireland 1-0 back in Stuttgart last year. Tonight at Croke Park, Dublin Ireland needs to win the 2nd match to get a slight chance to remain in the tournament. Germany only needs a draw as one point is enough to qualify before the group phase finishes. Croke Park Stadium is sold out and both teams are hot as superstars like Robbie Keane, Kevin Doyle will play versus Kevin Kuranyi and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Live Broadcast on RTE TWO. Kick off 7.45pm GMT. UEFA EURO 2008 Qualifikation Gruppe D: Deutschland gegen Irland Als sie sich das erste Mal in der Qualifikation gegenübestanden schlug Deutschland im vergangenen Jahr Irland mit 1-0 in Stuttgart. Heute abend im Croke Park, Dublin muss Irland dieses Spiel gewinnen um noch den Hauch einer Chance zuhaben sich für die EM zu qualifizieren. Das Croke Park Stadion ist ausverkauft und beide Teams brennen darauf wenn Super

Welcome to our blog!

Dia duit (gaelic: Hello). You are warmly welcomed to our blog. In the next few weeks and months, you will notice regular updates on our exciting life in Ireland, all about our vacation trips and much more. This blog will be available in English and German. Check out this space from time to time... Dia duit (gälisch: Hallo). Ein herzliches Willkommen auf unserem Blog. In den nächsten Wochen und Monaten werden hier in regelmässigen Abständen aufregende Neuigkeiten über unser Leben in Irland und über unsere Urlaubstrips zu finden sein. Den Blog wird es in Englisch und Deutsch geben. Ab und an mal vorbeischauen lohnt sich...