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Next tour stop: Barcelona

Finally, we decided where to travel over St. Valentine's day this year. The destination will be the Catalonian city of Barcelona.   Endlich haben wir entschieden wo es über das Valentinstags-Wochenende hingehen soll. Das Ziel wird die katalonische Stadt Barcelona sein.

Arctic conditions - bad and good sides

Arctic weather conditions also arrived in Ireland for quite a while now. We are currently fighting with -7 to -10 degrees which is actually not too bad compared to the current weather in Continental Europe. However, what make things even worse is the fact that the Irish government is not prepared for such weather extremes. There are no winter tires or snow chaines available. They even ran out of salt last week. In fact, all roads are very icy and therefore very dangerous. It snows from time to time, but in the majority it is the freezing rain and fog that cause the problem. Despite that, the winter weather has also its nice sides. We enjoyed a few cold, but sunny days and went out for a walk in Dundalk, County Louth and in Donabate recently. Pictures to follow soon. Arktisches Wetter hat nun auch Irland seit geraumer Zeit erreicht. Im Moment kämpfen wir mit -7 bis -10 Grad was eigentlich nicht so schlimm ist im Vergleich zu Kontinentaleuropa. Was die Dinge allerdings verschlechtert i

Dublin - new rich, but cordial

An interesting article (in German) about "Dublin - new rich, but cordial" can be found here . A view from a German student living in Dublin. Of course, this article is very subjective. Einen interessanten Artikel (in Deutsch) über "Dublin - neureich, aber herzlich" gibt es an dieser Stelle . Einen Einblick in Irland's Hauptstadt aus der Sicht eines deutschen Studenten. Natürlich ist der Artikel sehr subjektiv.


2010! A happy new year to all of you. May your dreams and wishes come true. 2010! Ein frohes neues Jahr für Euch alle. Sollen alle Träume und Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen.